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tree #101


Genesis Collection

Genesis collection refers to the first 10,000 trees being planted via Treejer Protocol. The collection helps the project thrive after our recent token-free investment by UNICEF Innovation Fund. Genesis trees will be planted in 10 countries in Latin America, Africa and Middle East. Learn more about the Genesis Collection here.

Getting Started with Genesis Trees

step 1Tree #0-10 listed for auction

step 2Tree #11-100 reserved for community

step 3Tree #101-10k claimable for collectors




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Tree of Life

Reveals after Genesis


Tree #0



Claim for Free

What we’ve built today was not possible without the generousity of other builders, designers, community advocates and thought leaders in this space. We’d love to plant the very first trees for them. If you’re one of the people on this list, you can claim one of these unique trees. Thank you for being a part of this community!

Not interested in GENESIS Trees?

You can always fund regular trees in Treejer protocol. The regular trees initially have a universal price of 10 DAI ~ ($10). Similar to Genesis Trees, regular ones are dynamic NFTs too. However, Genesis collection owns the more unique attributes (digitally). Millions of trees are going to be planted and maintaned using Treejer protocol and the community will never forget who funded the first trees.