Empowering Local People to Save the Planet

A unique borderless approach in Climate Action powered by blockchain technology


Treejer functions as a link between those who fund trees and those who plant them even in the most remote places on our planet. It records credit ownership and enables secure payment between different parties using smart-contracts.

Individuals and businesses fund rural communities to plant and sustain traceable trees. These communities are mainly located in underdeveloped and developing countries. As the trees grow, they release Oxygen (O2), a secure token on Ethereum blockchain. The token represents a traceable carbon-credit. Treejer enables a decentralized voluntary market where carbon footprint can be reduced more transaprently. Moreover, it provides open data for scientists and economists who study the social and environmental impact of trees.

Meet Our Team

We’re a distrubuted community working for a common mission across continents. Join our community today, we’re the #PlantersWithoutBorders!

ermia shahrakhiz
amir habibzadeh
iraj habibzadeh
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